Xintomicho: A Spot of Culinary Creations

Xintomicho: A Spot of Culinary Creations
2018-01-18 10:00   through   2018-03-18 18:00

About the Exhibition

Taiwan's traditional markets, where wisdom of life is gathered, a variety of ingredients are supplied. Just as Chen Ciao mentioned in Ode of Xue Huei Ying Pavilion in Tong-Yang County, "when kitchen and granary are built, school should stand greatly as well." He pointed out that cuisine and learning reflected each other and also revealed the importance of exchange between food and knowledge. In other words, traditional markets are food learning centers which form the community for cuisine and storage. Markets function as a platform for everyday life and presents the cohesive power in family meals.

Through the spirit of place of traditional markets, the exhibition makes connections with the land and the people, reveals the fascination of ordinary ingredients, and learns life experiences from the local community. This project takes action in local culture-flipping movement, in response to the sustainable environmental preservation. Meanwhile, making artworks in specific site through the creative process of communication, dialogues, participation and exchange with new media art tool, the artists lead us to visit various appearances at the markets, finding the genuine aesthetics behind labor efforts. At the era of pursuing efficiency, we should be grateful to traditional markets. Their simple and introverted characteristics along with the local connections enable us to see an alternative relation between people through the perspective of downshifting.


Chen Yung-Hsien


Team Hugo
Huang Meng-Chin, Hsu Hui-Ching, Teng Wen-Hsin, Tai Hung-Lin, Hung Yu-Hao, Peng Ting-Hsuan, Fang Chih-Hsuan, Lin Tzu-Chuan, Chen Chia-Yi, Chen Chia-Feng, Pan Jin, Wu Yi-Lun, Cheng An-Kuei, Chao Yi-Wei, Chen Xin-Wei, Yang Yin-Wen, Huang Han-Po


18 January – 18 March 2018



Exhibition Credits

Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture
 Supervisor Aaron Y. L. Lee, Alex Y. H. Lee, Lea Y. C. Lin, Hung Yi-Ling
 Exhibition Coordinator    Liang Ya-Ting, Wei Huang
 Installation Coordinator  Huang Chun-Hsiang
 Marketing & Promotion  Wayne Yang
 Administrator Lin Chi-Yun, Lisa Yang
Sponsor Jut Group
Artist Chen Yung-Hsien×Team Hugo
Exhibition installation Thousand Bird Arts. Co., Ltd.
Graphic Design AI Group
Special Thanks Xinfu Market, East Sanshui Street Market
Designated Brand SONY

Free admission