Open Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00(Closed on Monday)


By Bus

Route 1 | Firstly take the following buses stop at the“Kunming St. Entrance”
routes 1, 9, 202 shuttle, 242, 624, 907, BL28, Heping Main Line, then walk along Sec. 3 of Heping W. Rd., and enter 81th Lane.

Route 2 | Firstly take the following buses stop at the“Longshan Temple (Kangding) ”
routes 9, 38 shuttle, 49, 62, 201, 205, 234, 242, 264, 527, 601, 658, BL29, then walk to Sanshui Street.

By MRT (Metro)

Get off at Exit 3 of MRT Longshan Temple station, turn left and walk toward 81th Lane, Sec. 3 of Heping W. Rd.

By Car

Bangka Park Underground Car Park |
Underground of No.145, Sec. 1 of Xiyuan Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City.

Underground Car Park of Wanhua District Office |
Underground of No.120, Sec. 3 of Heping W. Rd., Wanhua Dist. Taipei City. 


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Store & Other Space

Wanderland Hirunomi
Opening Hours∣TUE-SUN 10:00-18:00

Tokyobike Cafe
Opening Hours∣TUE-SUN 09:30-18:00

"A Bite of U-mkt"
Permanent Exhibition

Opening Hours∣TUE-SUN 10:00-18:00

JUT Shop
Opening Hours∣TUE-SUN 10:00-18:00