U-mkt Open Call

U-mkt launched the first open call in 2017—focusing on traditional markets, daily life and urban regeneration—to encourage creators of different fields to continue the spirit of place via various expressions and to open a dialogue among the public in regards to old market buildings as cultural spaces.

As past projects continue to brew, the upcoming 7th annual U-mkt Open Call will no longer be limited to themes on Wanhua District and traditional markets, but will use "local gazing" as this year’s concept. People cope with issues or research fields of culture, art, design, architecture, urban studies, and the like, are all welcome to take part. Funding for the project, the selected author will receive TWD 100,000 after the contract is signed.

We hope that through this open call, we will be able to explore local values along with the participating teams and to stimulate the many possibilities of place-based imagination.

  • Time for Application:26th Dec, 2022 - 8th Jan, 2023
  • Schedule:Dec, 2023 - Mar, 2024
  • Space:U-mkt Gallery
  • Application Procedure
    (1)  Application accepted via online submission only. Please prepare all necessary documents and fill out the SurveyCake form before the deadline.
    (2) Any application which is either overtime, incomplete or violating the application regulation are not to be accepted.
  • For any further questions, please contact us by email at ashleylin@jutfoundation.org.tw

 Apply for U-mkt Open Call 2023