U-mkt Open Call 2021


2021 UmktOpenCall

“U-mkt Open Call ” is offered every autumn for the exhibitions in the coming year. Proposals in accordance with the U-mkt ideals would be taken into account with priority, such as research issues particularly concerning ( but not limited ) Wanhua District, on-the-spot art practice, research which focuses on traditional markets, educational issues regarding diet and nutrition, cultural studies, regeneration of communities in Taiwan or other countries, and so forth. People cope with issues or research fields of culture, art, design, architecture, urban studies, and the like, are all welcome to take part. Funding for the project, the selected author will receive TWD 100,000 after the contract is signed.

[Time for Application]

  • Application for “U-mkt Open Call 2021” :11.24 Tue. 2020-01.05 Tue. 2021
  • Schedule:Sep. – Dec. 2021
  • Space:U-mkt Gallery
  • Download→ https://bit.ly/3kCcqeR

Past Selected Exhibitions