[Guest Exhibition] An Introspective Exhibition of the Place Making Projects for Green Livings

[Guest Exhibition] An Introspective Exhibition of the Place Making Projects for Green Livings
2017-08-11 10:00   through   2017-09-17 18:00

About the Exhibition

Many a little makes a mickle

The Place Making Projects for Green Livings, committed to develop the various communities collaborative methods to make changes of common spaces in Taipei City. Looking upon the community space as the smallest scale basis to affect and promote the overall atmosphere of living areas change.

From temporary guerrilla tactics to sustainable community empowerment

The context of the project could be traced back to the series actions of Taipei Flora Expo in 2009, the series 2 "Taipei Beautiful Action" promoted 74 temporary green spaces, which were in exchange with the floor area ratio. The action attracted many public opinions, especially among citizen organizations and NGOs. Until now, while there are many temporary green spaces developed into high-rise buildings, those that had been participated by the residents, citizens and NGOs, transformed and expanded into more spontaneous activities, such as "Follow the rain through walking", "Reading at the starry night", "Urban farmers' forum", "Unplugged bakeovens", etc. Through the participatory design process, many advocacy ideas were proposed and put into spatial experiments, Happy Farm, Rain Water Garden, Willow Den Reading Garden, etc, were turned into the landscape design elements. During the period, many different kinds of actions had been carrying out, and caused responds, afterwards, these experimental projects were put froward into more common and popular community empowerment works.

The Co-creation communities' space: Open Green

For the reason that various communities were empowered by co-creation process, in 2012 the communities' visionary green living project attempted to connect greater powers from the local residents and interests communities. Various kinds of spaces were rolled into the spatial experiments, including Jin-an green rooftop, books sharing corner in nameless Liu-gong alley, park(ing) day and green field market become parts of local people's Daily life scenery. From making single temporary green spot to integrated living areas, more interdisciplinary communities and university students obtained the opportunities to participate in urban development works and more partnership were connected.

Until now, 2017, the exhibition accumulated the outcomes of community spaces in past 3 years, to review 41 spaces created by various kinds of community groups, scattered in different parts of city corners. The featured review exhibition attempt to bring out the different OPENING spaces through opening the possibilities of green livings, opening the understanding of community actions, and hoping to open a more sustainable community powers.

Curatorial Team Introduction 

Collaborative O. Company

Collaborative O. Company Emphasize on the integration of community collaborations, through social innovation and design thinking methods to lead the process of place making by various communities, and bring out the overall change of people and environment.

Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office

Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office Through the public private partnership strategy and community collaborative organization management, to revitalize the old areas and preserve the historical living context in Taipei city. Overall, in order to promote urban regeneration from small scale to large scale, create the site specific urban landscape and improve the living qualities, infused new life and energy into the city. 


11 August – 17 September 2017 | Gallery & Plaza

Curatorial Team

Organiser | Collaborative O. Company、Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office
Space Sponsor | JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture

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An Introspective Exhibition of the Place Making Projects for Green Livings