The U-mkt is managed and operated by the JUT Foundation for Arts and Architeture (JFAA).
Established by the JUT Land Development in 2007, JFAA aims to show interest in small space applications and the phenomenon of group environmental development. It also promotes the endless possibilities among architecture and art and culture, both experimentally and practically over the past years.

JFAA has been continuously organizing many experimental projects, including the mobile exhibition “Museum  of Tomorrow,” the arts residency “Project UrbanCore,” including and collaborating with experts in the fields of architecture, design, art, culture and so on. Through architecture and urban lectures, forums, exhibitions, workshops and publications, close attention is paid to urban development subjects and to expand architectural aesthetics to the field of education for all humanity. Altogether, JFAA looks forward to creating a genial and comfortable city full of creativity and cohesion.

Creative School Division

Creative College is subordinated to JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture, aims to promote Project UrbanCore by re-activate desolate old space in order to merge urban stories with cultural implications, so as to respond the essence of the urban itself. U-mkt is set to occasionally hold events, such as dine together, lessons, forums, exhibitions, cooperative workshops, incubation for people interested in markets, and also to publish researching results and so forth. It is with the hope to respond the demand of the local and to be the platform of communicating the local and the communities external to it.