“A Bite of U-mkt,” it starts with the development of the Xinfu Market and the collection of local...


What looks like a simple bowl of shaved ice, covered with slow-cooked creamy toppings and freshly cut fruit, reflects the diligent lives of three generations of families in WanHua. The bowl holds the crystalised lives of people in WanHua over the past century.

This is not an exhibition of artwork, but a practice to "create the culture of the market".
Instead of “finding its niche”, what the traditional market needs is practitioners that bring about new culture. With this in mind, we started a project of gathering such creators in the Annual Exhibition of U-mkt this year. The Nine Taiwanese and Japanese creators stayed in the Wanhua area and the markets exchanged ideas and generated discourses for possible changes for local businesses.

Through this exhibition, we step into the old Wanhua from 30 to 40 years ago.  We invited outstanding artists in five senses to gain inspiration from six areas of Wanhua–Temples, Markets, Herb Alley, Dali Street, Crafts, and Hanamachi–to construct a spectacular lineup.  As if creating the menu for a fine dining restaurant, we planned six courses for Wanhua filled with local.

What is the market? Does our society still need a “traditional” market? Different imaginations of transforming and reforming the market and the lack of strategy and momentum contribute to its decline. The question then becomes: How does a market change itself from commercial place to a cultural laboratory of contemporary public life?

18 January – 18 March 2018